Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The hard choice.

Its been a week since my last post, and I have to say, the struggle against apathy is hard. Its seems so easy to just settle into a future that isn't pursuing so much change. Lets be honest, its a whole lot easier to just give up when things seem hard. But I haven't given up. I know I need to keep pushing ahead.
One thing that has been hard is the recent awareness of a gluten allergy. On top of everything else, the trying to be active, watching what I am eating and so on, now I'm unable to eat most of my favorite foods because it actually hurts me. For instance, last night it was my amazing sister's birthday. No birthday is complete without cake. Usually, I would opt to have a small piece to satisfy the craving, and to prove to myself I was still in control of my portions. Last night was different. I knew if I ate the cake, things would be ugly today. Even with that knowledge, it still felt hard to make that choice. Now if that isn't an addiction to food, I dont know what is! I'm happier than ever knowing I am not only gaining control of my weight, but also of my cravings. I strongly suggest finding out if you have any gluten allergy or intolerance. It appears in many different ways, but it seems it is more common than ever before.
I had been less active the past few days, so today I went hard. Let me tell you, when I was done, I felt weak. If you have a hard time fitting in exercise in your daily routine, try cleaning your home. For one hour of heavy cleaning, you can burn up to 306 calories, and if you're anything like me, I'm sure an hour cleaning would be greatly needed.
It feels good to be back on track! I will be including my weigh in's weekly. Next blog we will see how much I have lost!!!!!

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